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The Greek olive is an authentic product, famous as a source of health, vitality and longevity. The excellent Greek climatic conditions, together with centuries old experience in the cultivation and natural processing methods, present a unique fruit, rich in nutritious ingredients.

NACOLIVES SMPC is activated in packing and export of Greek table olives and olive pastes of all varieties & types, and it is the today’s continuance of Apostolos Nacos Company, founded in 1922. Backed up by a deep experience of three dedicated generations in olives since 1922, and thanks to its modern up-to-date scientific and mechanical equipment in its production facilities located in Agrinio, Western Greece – one of the major Greek olive producing areas – NACOLIVES SMPC produces natural products of excellent quality under the strictest hygiene rules. Its products are packed in a wide range of available packages and are exported to several countries worldwide, covering all the modern market needs and satisfying even the most demanding consumers.

The main objective of our company is the promotion of high quality olives and olive products at competitive prices in the international markets, which satisfy the customers’ requirements, backed up by effective services.

NACOLIVES SMPC is an export-oriented company with more of 95% of its total turnover being represented by exports. Its long-lasting cooperation with strong and demanding customers is steadily based on the high quality of its products and on the support & services we offer to our clients. Our company staff is specialized in the purchase, elaboration, preservation and packaging of our olive products, which enforces our excellent relations with our suppliers, as well as with our customers.

Our company has developed a high level Food Quality Monitoring System, which is certified to ISO 22000 and to ISO 9001 standards. The continuous quality controls ensure that our products meet the highest qualitative standards.

So that we may offer a continuous supply of the comprehensive ranges of Greek olives, and with great respect to our staff, to our suppliers & customers, to the society and to the environment, NACOLIVES SMPC has established a purchasing network in association with credible olive farmers throughout Greece – thus making available the unique Kalamata olive variety, the superior Greek natural black olives, and the savory Greek green olives.


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